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Equipment for a Wide Range of Products


NEW HIX® EVO SERIES Heat Transfer Machines

Our new EVO Series of heat presses combine a nostalgic retro-look of the robust all-metal housing with our new electronic, full-color LCD touchscreen controller as well as a new high-performance pad. A casted heating element, created in our own aluminum foundry, uses a HIX® proprietary aluminum alloy that is designed for the perfect heat transfer. The heating rod is cast inside the aluminum. Since all this is done in-house, we can provide a lifetime
warranty on the heat casting to the original user of each press. All our products are 100% designed, engineered, cast, machined, assembled, tested, marketed, and supported in and by HIX® located in the heartland of the USA.

For more information on our other EVO Series heat transfer machines, click the button below. Ranging from the EVO TOUCH Series (manual) to the EVO PRO Series (semi-auto & air-automatic) which offer specialty presses, small machine platen sizes 15" x 15", 16" x 20" or 20" x 25" all the way to the Large Format 44" x 64".


Clamshell or Swing-away? That's the question!

As a company that makes both clamshell and swing-away heat presses, we are frequently asked this question by inquiring customers. The answer depends on the type of jobs you want to accept, the space available, your familiarity with transfer presses, and your need for accurate placement of the design versus the speed of production.

Each design has its unique advantages. The task for the customer is to pick the one with the right combination of benefits that fits the intended business purpose.

Swing-away heat presses are very popular for sublimation printing. Air-automatic heat presses are the model of choice in fast-paced high production facilities. Digital, manual clamshell presses are most popular in a wide variety of applications with small to medium size volume requirements. Analog swing-away and clamshell presses are most often purchased by hobbyists, for small projects, or as a backup for a larger, digital model.

No heat press is perfect for every purpose. So, the pros and cons of the available features have to be considered.

Match our heat transfer equipment with a Deluxe Pad Protector to increase the longevity of the lower pad and create a smooth surface for the shirt to easily slide on and off the lower platen.